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Save time and be more professional.

Manage your band like a boss

Available on desktop, tablet and mobile.

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Tools to be a better band.

Our vision is to provide you with the tools you need to stay connected with artists/venues/crew, and streamline the tasks required to manage your band and book shows.

Accessible from your computer or phone, so you are always up to date.


Manage your gigs/events and personal obligations so everyone knows when you are available to play shows.

Don't waste time asking who is available.


Keep your contacts in bandboss so your band can access them anytime, anywhere.

Bands, venues, bookers, lighting and sound contacts.


A collection of charts and stats to monitor your social engagement.

We track your interactions with various social websites.

Mobile Access

Band management to go.

Access all your stats, notifications, events, contacts on the go.

Plan and schedule events while out and about.


Save time and be more professional.

With the right tools you can get organised fast.

Shared Schedule
Keep all band members up to date with upcoming events.
Enter your tasks and assign them to someone to keep focused on what needs to be done.
Songs and Videos
Link your songs and videos to keep track of their listens and views.

"You would have to be crazy not to use bandboss."

Liam Burke - LUNG
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bandboss makes it easy to manage your band like a boss

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Available on desktop, tablet and mobile.

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